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Tips for Hiring a Paver Contractor

Whether you’re paving your driveway, adding a pathway, getting an asphalt pad, or adding a parking area to your landscape, you will need to find a qualified paving contractor to do the job. All these projects make a considerable contribution to your property value, but only when built and complete correctly.

Here are a few tips that can help you hire a good and effective paver contractor.

Get Several Quotations

When dealing with any home renovation or improvement project, the general rule of thumb is to get at least three quotations. Even if you already have a preferred contractor, make sure to get a few more quotes to compare the warranty and price. Gather the quotations and rank them based on your meeting with the contractor, their professionalism, price, and other important components of the project.

Learn More About a Contractor’s Reputation

When it comes to contracting companies, word of mouth is most certainly one of the best forms of advertising. Besides that, word of mouth helps customers make wiser decisions as well. From comparing various quotes to choosing whom to call, make sure to look up a contractor’s reputation before making any decisions. Their website is always a good place to start.

Ask About the Contractor’s Experience

Even though the reputation of a contractor generally helps narrow down the choices, homeowners and commercial property owners must have in-depth information and knowledge about a contractor before making the ultimate decision. You should find out the number of years the company has been in the industry, including the experience of their top professionals. You can also list down a few other questions that can help you gauge the level of experience a contractor possesses.

Schedule the Contractor

A good paver contractor will book up quickly. While the weather and other factors have a huge impact on the installation season, an experienced and seasoned paving contractor must be able to provide you with a clear estimated start date. Beware of contractors that offer you immediate service and tempt you to pay more while settling for lower quality work. Even though the timing is an important factor, you need to remember that quality workmanship and durable materials will most certainly be worth the wait. Always settle for a contractor that offers a quality service within a believable amount of time, and beware of services that may be too good to be true.

Ask for a Written Contract

Many unreliable paver contractors have their sales pitch thoroughly memorized and can end up fooling even the smartest consumers. When hiring a paver contractor, you must protect yourself by asking to see a written contract before making any deposits. A written contract must include the total cost of the job including the applicable taxes, details of the project, payment terms, warranty coverage, and terms and conditions.

When hiring a paver contractor, make sure to search for an experienced installer with fair prices and a solid warranty. If you’re looking to hire a paver contractor in the East Valley, Reach out to us now!